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Pudukkottai Sri Bhuvaneshwari Ambal

Sri Bhuvaneshwari Ambal was consecrated in the year 1962, after Sadguru Shanthananda Mahaswamigal had done the Japa of Hreem Mantra, for over 4,00,00,000 times. The Divine Grace of the powerful deity and the Tapas of the Guru Parampara continues to be felt by the devotees even today. Sri Bhuvaneshwari Ambal who is Jaganmatha, is globally popular, as devotees from all across the world come to Pudukottai to have her Darshan. As per the norms of the Shilpa Shastras, the Judge Swamigal Adhishtanam, which is over 120 years old, whose sannidhi is present in the Vidyapitham as a Shivalaya. Nitya Five Kala Puja is performed daily with all sanctity as prescribed in the Shastras and Chandi Homa continues to be performed every Purnima Day. We do not have words to express our gratitude to Sri Bhuvaneshwari Amman as she is the supreme goddess who creates everything and destroys the evils of the world. One who worships Goddess Bhuvaneshwari is sure to be blessed with power, strength, wisdom, and wealth.

We Need Your Help

Sri Bhuvaneshwari Peetham is a place of worship and spiritual guidance for many. We strive to provide meaningful and unique experiences to our community through ancient rituals and sacred teachings. We are currently in the process of constructing a new Adhishtanam, which will be completed in 2024 according to the sankalpam taken by Sri Pujyasri Omkarananda Swamigal. However, we need to raise money to complete the construction of this new 100% natural stone shrine. So, we humbly invite anyone who wishes to support our journey and make Swamigal's sankalpam a reality by kindly donating any amount they can to help us reach our goal. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to build a home for Jaganmatha, who is a loka rakshaki (Protector of the World). Your donations will go a long way in making this a reality. Thank you very much for your support and may Sri Jaganmatha's blessings be with you.

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East 7th St, Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu 622001, India


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